1. Fill in all spaces


2.  In the Description box list

     cracks, repairs and repainted

     areas. The more details you

     give us the more accurate our

     preliminary price will be.




3. Click the Browse button to

     find and send the appropriate

     picture files.


 *  If you do not have digital

     Photos just submit this

    form and mail photos to :


        P.O. Box 138

        Cheriton, Virginia  23316




we can appraise and sell you decoy or decoys







   Appraise my decoy or decoys    Sell my decoy or decoys


Sell My Decoy(s)


  For the Best results please follow these 3 easy instructions:



Street Address:   








Picture Left Side:  

Picture Right Side:    


Picture Top: 
  Picture of Bottom: 


Picture of Head: 


*After this information is reviewed you will be contacted

  by phone or email. All information is kept confidential.



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